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Royal Palace
Royal Palace

Gleaming in gold, the Royal Palace of Phonm Penh's most splendid architecural achievements. 

Opening Hours

7.30am - 11.00am
2.00pm - 5.00pm


Samdach Sothearos Blvd (3), Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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                         40,000 KHR including camera   Guide: 10 USD/ h

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is one of Phnom Penh’s most iconic landmarks. The construction began in 1886 after King Norodom relocated the royal capital to Phnom Penh and was completed before World War I.

Up until today, the palace is the primary residence of the King of Cambodia. While parts of the palace with its golden roofs are closed to the public others like the elegant Throne Hall can be visited. Topped by a 59m-high tower that was inspired by the Bayon in Angkor Thom, the Throne Hall is used for coronations and other ceremonies.

Besides the Throne Hall, visitors may also visit the graceful open-air Chan Chaya Pavilion, also called Dancing Pavilion. It was formerly used for classical Khmer dance performances. The pavilion also served the Cambodian kings as a platform to see parades passing by the palace. Today, on certain occasions, the pavilion is lit up in the evening. This creates an amazing ambiance. Occasionally the royal family still holds royal banquets and celebrations here.

Besides the palace compound, visitors to the Royal Palace should consider visiting the adjoining Silver Pagoda. With its beautiful quiet gardens, it is the perfect get-away from the hustle of Cambodia's capital.