Old Market / Phsar Kronat

Should anyone be interested, this was retrieved from the old visitcambodia.org website (via archive.org)

The old market, also called Phsar Kronat is located at the northern part of Kampot town. It is a traditional style market catering primarily to the locals and their daily needs. The vendors at Phsar Kronat sell vegetables, fruits, meat, bulk rice, motor parts and more.

Recently, some vendors have added souvenirs such as Kampot pepper, Cambodian coffee, locally made bags, handicrafts, clothes and cards to their merchandise, indicating a growing interest of international travellers to visit the charming province in the South of Cambodia.

With the rising number of travellers, came new life into the province. Some locals have opened travel agencies and there is a money changer. Besides new convenient stores offer a pretty good selection of imported goods, canned foods, snacks, beer, spirits, wines, water and sundries. There are also new cafes and restaurants that have opened near the market. They offer travellers a great local experience.


Old Market / Phsar Kronat

Krong Kampot, Cambodia
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