Khun Chhang Khun Phen Koh Kong

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Khun Chhang Khun Phen, a 4m-high concrete stupa on a rock in the middle of a tributary of the sea,  is sited about one kilometer from the provincial town of Koh Kong. The small stupa which contains the remains of a local village girl called Thim, stands as grim reminder of a love triangle which ended in tragedy.
As the Khmer legend goes, two lads Khun Phen and Khun Chhang were vying for the attention of the prettiest girl in the village Thim. Khun Phen was a handsome , dashing young man from a poor family. On the other hand, Khun Chhang  was fat and ugly who came from a rich, influential family.

Khun Phen woos and weds Thim.

The jealous Khun Chhang plots to make Thim his wife. He uses his family connections and gets the King to enlist Khun Phen into the  army to fight a battle in a faraway place .

Seizing this opportunity, Khun Chhang started a rumour that Khun Phen had been killed in battle. He then, approached Thim’s family and asked for Thim’s hand in marriage. Thim did not love Khun Chhang but married him anyway since she believed her husband, Khun Phen, was dead.

Later, when Khun Phen returns from battle, he found Thim was married to Khun Chhang. This did not stop him from continuing the relationship with Thim. Soon, Khun Chhang heard of his wife’s affair and complained to the King.  The King ordered Thim to choose the person she wanted as her husband but Thim couldn’t make the choice as she felt both men played different roles in her life. The King was enraged with this indecision and ordered that Thim be executed. By the time Khun Chhang heard of this and got to the place, the executioners had carried out the King’s orders.

Khun Chhang then buried Thim’s body in the same place she died in the hope that she would be reincarnated. He then built the stupa which was called Khun Chhang  Khun Phen  in honour of his love for Thim.

This stupa is a very popular tourist destination. Local residents often visit this site on national holidays and traditional festivals.

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